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Breastbone numbness finally disapeared?

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Stilton Reply with quote
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Joined: 26 Sep 2008
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:45 am    Post subject: Breastbone numbness finally disapeared?
Wow... 2017, registered in 2009.. 8 years ago i had my SP.

I'm not sure if i should post this -- Because i'm not sure if it will be a depressing or inspiring counsel, but here it is. 8 years seems like a long time to have something consume so much of you, but i'm certain i'm not your 'average' case...

I think of it like this: There was a point when i thought i would never be 'better' and i'm as close to being 'fit' as i ever was. Plus i'm ten years older now so, if you subtract natural-aging-deterioration, i guess i'm pretty much on par. Very Happy

So here it is:
I originally left hospital with an ambulatory bag in my side; months later when that got removed, i was still on a lot of painkillers.

Those days aren't even a memory (goldfish memory), i couldn't tell you now what my specific pains were back then and i can sit here and prod my ribs with no pain. So considering i'm not in pain and - Oh yes, and i can breathe no worries... i guess you can conclude from this, i am 'better'.

...Still, Even to this day, i wouldn't sit here and swivel / gyrate my chest though because i'm no contortionist / russian ballerina and i think: why try my luck? lol.
-- Clearly some mental issues / anxiety still need to be worked on. (So basically you will never catch me partaking in a limbo contest).

Anyway, to go into some detail, i had a VATs bullectomy, i believe, that's the surgery that finally 'fixed' the problem...
Long after pretty-much-everything got better, i still had a numbness in my breastbone and some ribs... I had put it down to nerve damage when they had messed with my ribs to get into my chest or something to do with the epidural in my spine...

...The surgery happened 8 years ago, i had long given up on it ever righting itself..
But i can breathe, i can work, i'm not in pain.. if a little numbness in an otherwise unimportant part of my body is the price for breathing i'd considering that a pretty good trade.

However, about a month ago, i was sitting at my desk, working away, as you do.. and the numbness just went, i remember getting a weird feeling in my back too, like where those ribs join the back...
Who knows, but there you have it...

Hmm, reading back i'm uncertain why i posted this.
It was meant to be like: 'look, 8 years later shits still improving', for me that's obviously a positive given it's my past... I'm wondering for someone contemplating this as the future is that inspirational or terrifying?

If you're still reading this, (firstly i'm sorry), i don't even know if there's a 'message' to take away from this other than, i am probably an outlier (i think for a lot of people its very routine and they don't even need surgery). Thenagain, i assume if you're on 'blebinfo.co.uk' you're probably not one of these cases lol.

But here it is, the saccarine, schmultsy, hollywood, cupcake message you need to take away in your heart: "Things will get better". Seriously...
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Stilton Reply with quote
New Member

Joined: 26 Sep 2008
Posts: 6

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:51 am    Post subject:
Oh and, i'd love to hear if anyone else had an improvement like this long after the fact..

I read another post on here earlier where a lady had written she had similar numbness in the breastbone / connecting ribs, i can't find it now... But that actually 'reminded' me that i wanted to write this..

Since it seemed really odd, that it would just fix itself out of nowhere that day, 8 years later: I'm certainly not complaining!

I just imagine others might share my feeling like 'well this is just something i'm going to have to deal with' xD then wham, one day... fixes itself lol
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