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Has anyone had the same disabilities that I have??

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hoopy Reply with quote
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 10:09 pm    Post subject: Has anyone had the same disabilities that I have??
Gosh, I read all this and I think why couldn't I be like that. Here is a little history. Mother said I had Whooping cough and penumonia when I was about 5. When I was about 40 I laid down for a nap and woke up with breathing problems I had to go to the ER room. There they found my small lobe and my large bottom lobe callaped. I stayed in the Hospital for 5 days. Never was complently right after that I would get penumonia easy I aguired Asthma and was using 2-3 different inhalers and sometimes I would have to take a nep..( nebulizer. ) Managed to work everyday but I did feel tired alot. This went on for about 10 years or longer. In the year of 2005 I took sick and was hurting so bad and my asthma was so bad I stayed on the neb and in the ER room, but they thought it was my heart. After doing a cath they said nothing was wrong with my heart and released me. Two weeks later I was still sick and so tired of being that way, I couldnt hardly do anything I was so short of breath. I coughed one evening and a snap in my chest and all of a sudden I couldn't breath. I ran and got on the neb and knew it wasn't helping so I got my grand daughter to call 911. By the time they got there I was like a blow fish. I barely could breath at all. They put oxygen on me and it didn't help at all.

At the ER room they test revealed I had a collapsed lung and a hole had blown in it. They did the chest tube thing and I got my breath back. They admitted me and then next day sent me to a larger hospital in another city. There I was put into IC Unit and had suegery. They couldnt do just the scope on me they had to open me up. Resulting in two cracked ribs and cracked breast bone. I stayed ten days in the hospital.

I was unable to stay by myself so I went to my Mothers. She was taking care of me and she passed out with her girlsfriends right after christmas one evening. Sudden Death.

It has been 13 months and 11 days I have been unable to go back to work for the first year I had 18 attacks of breathing spells and 8 of those I had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. I took so many steroids I gained 30 pounds and would swell so bad. There has been times I couldnt walk from the kitchen to my couch. I have home oxygen if I need it and have about 5 inhalers plus a anxiety medication and singular. I got pneumonia 6 times during one year. I get broncitis all the time. I don't have alot of pain, but still bad on my breathing. Out of one month I would say I might have 6-7 good days if that. I get out of breath so bad. At this they thought I had COPD REAL BAD, but I DON'T IT DOES STATE MILD SMOKING DESEASE. The Doc's say I shouldn't be having this much problems with only mild. They test me for something called Scardoysis and the high number on the test if you got it is 68, mine came back at 63. Close but not close enough. But keeping a watch on it.

I was so shocked to see all these people returned back to work, when I can't hardly do anything at all. I can't hardly even hold my grand baby maybe just for a minute or so. I am 5'7" and 52 years old.

I am allergic to so many things now my Doc said to even stay ouot of second ahnd stores becasue of the smells. Candles bother me, perfume, certain foods can trigger a breathing attack. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?? It is so bad I had to file for my disability. It has been two years and I am just now going before the law judge here soon. I was very active had five children lived on a farm and always worked, I didn't want to sign up for disability, but this has left me with no choice.
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kotoreru Reply with quote
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:25 pm    Post subject:
Wow Hoopy, sorry to hear about all your problems. I know it sounds like you have one big condition or syndrome that is causing all of this, but it could just be the fact that your lungs have had so much sustained trauma over the years.

I also reckon there is a strong psychological aspect to all of this, strong negative associations which may be causing panic attacks and general anxiety. I'm not saying you're imagining anything though, please dont get me wrong.

Also: what is this Scardoysis you mention? I've never heard of it and a search reveals nothing. Is it spelt correctly?

Have you actually sat down and SPOKEN to anyone about all this? I don't mean with a doctor with a view to getting medication or treatment, but something like basic counselling. In my opinion (which I understand is limited by my ignorance) you could make some improvements in your life if you knew how to handle these situations.

What makes a good day and good day?

Best wishes until we hear from you again.
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Ceebee Reply with quote
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 10:06 pm    Post subject:
Shit dude.. It was hard readin about your history. i Feel for you.
Contact me for ANY questions.
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