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Son with recurrent SP
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Ceebee Reply with quote
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2008 7:57 am    Post subject:
Sorry to hear abot your son.
Ive never heard that sp-surgery has created tunnel vision.
Did he have a collaps on the same lung that he had the surgery on?
what kind of surgery did he have? vats?

I have had 4 Sp`s. 3 on the right side and one on the lef side. I have had vats on the left side. And have no problems what so ever.(exept some pain fronm time to time.)

Maybe you need to get your son on this site too. Its got tons of answers and could give him some peace of mind.
Contact me for ANY questions.
4 Sps. 2 Vats.
facebook: Christian Birkely
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casey Reply with quote
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 7:52 am    Post subject:
Hi Zappymom,

My son, 20 yrs. old, is also in college, away from home. His SP's started in October, he had 3 within 6 weeks and had surgery (VATS, stapling and mechanical pleurodesis) in December so that messed up his Fall Semester. He came home for Xmas and rested, seemed ok and went back to school in January. He has never felt totally well yet, sick off and on, weird feelings in his chest, probably doing too much since he's also an RA for his dorm so only finishing 1/2 his classes. The Dr. also said shallow breathing could be contributing to his not feeling good so he has to use the little breathing thing from the hospital. Everyone at school has been understanding but he has times that he is angry also, especially after having a great first year.

I'm sure they wonder why this had to happen to them. I try to think there is a reason for everything, just like he chose to stay in-state to go to school instead of across the country. I can't imagine him being on the East coast with all this going on and being so far away. It has been hard helping him deal with this from a distance but he knows we are only a plane ride away (I flew up in December and even stayed in his dorm room while he was in the hospital! that was an experience!)

Hope your son finds out about the tunnel vision soon and is feeling better. Let us know what they find.
(I think they know it's ok for mom to help out in times like this).

And Thanks to this site for all the great info!
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Ooshie Reply with quote
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:32 pm    Post subject:

Twenty months ago when my son was 13 he had an SP with 100% of his lung while getting ready for school. He had a chest tube inserted at our local surgery and the lung totally reinflated, but had collapsed 100% again by the time the helicopter got him to hospital (it had to fly over a mountain). It reinflated again after suction, but collapsed 100% again after he was sick about two weeks later, and it was decided to give him a talc pleurodesis.

We were told he would feel like he had flu for about two weeks after the surgery, but he was very very ill with excruciating pain for over two months, very ill and exhausted with pain for about another six months, and did not fully recover until about a year after the surgery. They could not see any blebs.

He is now 15 and has had another SP, on the other lung this time. At the moment it is only small and he has to go back for weekly x-rays, and they have said that if it doesn't get any worse they will give it four weeks before deciding what needs done. As it is his second SP his surgical team are also going to discuss it.

Was he just very unlucky with his bad reaction to the talc pleurodesis?
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